Time Tutelary Dual Automatic Watch Winder

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  • Wind clockwise and anticlockwise using button switch
  • Time function: auto rotate 1 hour and reset for 3 hours
  • Power: AC adaper
  • The display measures: 226 x 143 x 128 mm (L x W x H). The removable, adjustable , two piece watch holder is spring loaded and expands to take a maximum watch strap circumference of 210mm (8.9 inches)
  • It can be compressed to hold a strap circumference as small as 150mm (5.9 inches)

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35 reviews for Time Tutelary Dual Automatic Watch Winder

  1. Nick Flynn

    I bought this because I was always frustrated that my 2 Seiko Kinetic watches always had to be reset with the correct time because I don’t wear them enough (can’t type with them on) … and these kinds of watches do not appreciate this kind of treatment (gums up the works apparently … which can be very expensive to fix.)

    As I was more interested in function that form the black and silver (cheap looking) finish didn’t worry me too much … looks like a 70s car interior quality of plastic.

    There are a couple of rocker switches on top … one for on/off, the other for change in direction. The front hinges down to reveal the slots for the watches, and that is about it.

    When on the unit rotates the watches for an hour … rests for 4, and then another hour. I’m a little surprised that it doesn’t change automatically, so I always flick the change of direction switch when I walk past it. In operation it is very quiet … I have noted in some of the reviews that there have been reports of squeaks … mine is a quiet a a mute mouse.

    If your watches are really flat, then this unit may not be enough to bring them back to life … the action is too gentle. I found that wearing my watches non stop for 2 weeks gave them enough of a boost to bring them properly back to life.

    So in summary, looks and materials are not to my taste, but it seems to do the job. The instructions are basic to say the least, but set up and operation is pretty intuitive.

    Well worth the investment to protect an even greater investment (in the watches).

  2. Chris Lloyd

    This winder is a must for auto watch owners. It’s easy to use very quiet in operation and even has a timer built in. Excellent value for moeny and great service. Thanks.

  3. Nasko

    I like it – it is very silent. Even if it’s made by sort of PVC it looks good.

  4. L. L. Smith

    The Tutelary Automatic watch winder does what it says it keeps my watches with a reserve so no more stopping watches.

  5. Cocidius

    I bought this item to avoid rewinding and re-synchronising my automatic watches. It is made of plastic and is fairly flimsy in construction. I would not want to drop it on the floor!

    That said, it works well and is good value compared with the expensive Rosewood alternatives that are aimed, I think, at those who have several upmarket watches and can play the ‘What shall I wear today?’ game.

  6. Dan

    Have be using this winder for 4 weeks, so for it works perfectly. The casing is made of plastic but for the price I paid it certainly does the work, just hope it last. The motor is very quite in operation . Highly recommeded.

  7. W

    This was a gift for my Father who is over sixty. His watches kept stopping because he isn’t very active, that problem has now gone also this unit is means powered which means no battery to change.

  8. Robert Burns

    Excellent product, well worth the money. Keeps my watches wound, quiet, and doesn’t take too much room up. Great service from Amazon as always.

  9. Roy Powell

    Well made piece of kit , works well and very quietly. Equally at home winding Automatic or Kinetic watches. Highly recommended for anyone who has more than one watch and wishes to look after it. I am very pleased with my purchase I would recommend this to anyone.

  10. Duncan60

    I recently bought the Tutelary dual watch winder KA002 as I was fed up with having to reset my two automatics when I got them out of my bedside drawer. Since using the winder I have noticed that my Hamilton Khaki has kept far better time. I believe this is down to watch running continuously. I would definitely recommend this item to anyone wishing to keep their watches in tip top mechanical condition.

  11. Chris A

    I have had this unit running for some while now. It is not silent and never has been, but it lives in my bedroom and has never stopped me sleeping. It has worked well from the start. At switch on it turns clockwise for About 1 hour switches off for 3 hours then starts again automatically and turns anticlockwise for 1 hour. This cycle just goes on until you switch it off. Very pleased with it.

  12. A

    Time Tutelary Dual Automatic Watch Winder KA002.
    Brand New Time Tutelary Two-Directional Dual Watch Winder for two kinetic or automatic watches. This winder will keep luxury watches fully wound and charged when not in use, extending the life of the watch.
    Useful product. Also good quality materials.

  13. Keiko

    Perfectly fit for purpose having owned for a couple of weeks. Yes, it’s made of plastic, but this is a practical item and not a cosmetic, calibrated version costing hundreds of pounds. Happy thus far – it is nice and quiet and helps with keeping watches running.

  14. Stoossy

    Got this item over a week ago. Put 2 watches in it straight away and it does exactly what it’s meant to do. I thought there would be some noise off this when it was winding but it’s extremely quiet. Fantastic price and does what it says on the tin.

  15. Kiki

    This is a wonderful good sized gadget to keep when you treasure your watches. My Oakley watches are liking it and I no longer worry about picking it up after a week and it is not working. Great for quite a very good price.

  16. Stuart

    The automatic watch winder is perfect. I am now happy to wear my automatic watches whenever I choose without the hassle of having to reset every time. Watch winder is silent in use and only running 1 hour in 4. Good buy.

  17. David Morgan

    Having previously purchasing a single watch winder of the same make from the same seller. I have now purchased 2 of the dual winders to accomodate more watches, one for myself and one for a relative, excellent.

  18. Alex

    If you want something that is reasonably priced to wind your automatic watch, then this does exactly what it says it does. Not had any problems. Reasonably quiet. Build quality is OK, nothing has fallen off!

  19. Yoyo

    Item well made and also seems durable. The first time you put your watches inside please be patient and wait a little to see the hands begin to move…and don’t be mesmerized by staring at your new toy!

  20. Mr W K Moores

    This watch winder is working very well. Other similar winders were very much more expensive, and I was pleased with the price. As a low cost article, it meets my requirements, and I have no complaints.

  21. J Batley

    Does what it says!
    Simple to use!
    One hour turning clock wise or anticlockwise
    Three hour rest
    Silent Operation.
    only problem was it doesnt go small enough for small bracelets!

  22. V

    I needed a auto winder for my recently purchased watch, the unit is quite compact but you can still hear the motor, this model has the benefit of having 2 spaces so for the money it is good value.

  23. Tony B

    This is a must for anyone who has more than one automatic watch. It’s neat, very quiet and does what it say’s on the packet. It’s also a handy way of keeping your watches.

  24. Michael G

    For the price this is a great product. This is my second one because the first one eventually gave up the ghost after 3 years of constant use.

  25. OC

    Works nicely and have had no issues in the time I’ve had. The plastic top is a bit cheap looking but for the price I really can’t complain.

  26. 0lvidad0

    I am very pleased!
    The winder does what it is supposed to, and looks very well on my desk.
    Great value for money!

  27. Jimbo

    I found this product to be exactly what i wanted,it looks good and does the job i needed. Many thanks.

  28. Jon Winn

    Great item, very quiet and does the job. Watches are easy to fit in it and they are held securely.

  29. Paul Cavalli

    For the price this is a great bit of kit, It does what it does very quietly and looks good.

  30. Mrs. Marilyn Nimmon

    Gift for my husband. Very pleased. Silent running. Prompt delivery, would recommend.

  31. Mike V

    Great little watch winder, ideal present.

  32. Haem

    Very good winder, at a great price.

  33. A. K. Deiraniya

    This is a very useful tool to keep your automatic watch fully wound up and runningwhen you are wearing your other watch. it saves you the hassle of resetting the date if you have not worn the automatic watch for a while. Furthermore as the watch is kept fully wound up it reduces the frequency/ eliminates the not infrequent occurence of the automatic stopping in the early hours of the morning: an experience that led me to take one automatic repeatedly back only to be told there was nothing wromg with it. It was just not getting movement of the right sort to keep it going. Interestingly I never had the same trouble with the other automatic. Since using the Tutelary the problem stopped
    it run for one in hour in three and the direction of rotation can be reversed at the clicl of a button. Very well constructed . Runs very quietly. I bought the dual model for abvious reasons but there is a single watch model. I doubt if the electricity used would be a problem.

  34. DC

    Yes does the job, thank you.

  35. Darren Pout

    Spot on, as advertised.

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