Bertelin Cordless Glass Kettle 1.6L Electric Jug – Blue LED Illuminated

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Model No: BL1401

  • Glass Electric Kettle
  • Blue LED Illuminated
  • 1.6 Litre Capacity
  • Boil Dry & Overheat Protection
  • Detachable Filter
  • 360° Rotation Base
  • 2.2KW Power Output; UK AC Power Plug
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Dimensions 20 × 16 × 22 cm

40 reviews for Bertelin Cordless Glass Kettle 1.6L Electric Jug – Blue LED Illuminated

  1. Sub

    I’ve gone through a few kettles in the past two years in attempt to find one that I like and I think I may have found it.
    Positive Points:
    It’s not too loud – some kettles are so loud, at breakfast time it’s like being on the deck of an aircraft carrier. However this kettle is tolerable, it’s more of a low rumble than a mid to high pitched.
    Boils a litre of water reasonably quickly – getting a pot of water boiled for rice or potatoes for example, by the time I’ve put water in the kettle, taken the pot out, prepared the food to go into it, the kettle has boiled and I can pour the water into the pot on the stove and start cooking.
    The handle is easy to grip – it’s a weird shape, like it gets bigger around the top. But it feels comfortable in use.
    The pouring angle is comfortable – some kettles I have had to really make an effort to get the water out of the kettle, twisting the hell out of my arm. But this one is well balanced and water comes out with little effort.
    Pouring control – the glass spout is really good on this. I can get a small dribble when pouring over filter coffee, and a decent flow for tea. Pouring into a pot is easy too by lifting the lid with the thumb.
    Base is neat and functional – some cordless kettles I’ve had are so frustrating when coming to put them on the base. I’m like fiddling around with the darn thing for ages. But not with this one, it locates really easily and fits snug into the socket. I’m really pleased by that, it makes using the kettle a joy.

    Negative points:
    Lid spring too strong – I don’t know why they put such a strong spring on the lid. But it does require a lot of effort to open.
    Auto switch off once boiled takes longer than I would like. It does eventually get around to switching off, but I tend to flip it off or just pick it up when it’s done anyway.

    I’m really pleased with the design of the kettle, it looks great and functions well.

  2. Caroline W

    Quick delivery and the kettle looks great although it does take a long time to boil. The lid mechanism seems very sturdy (this is a problem I have experienced with numerous Morphy Richards kettles) and was reluctant to buy a cheaper brand in case of the quality but I can’t fault it. As long as you don’t mind waiting a little longer for it to boil then I would definitely recommend.

  3. K7

    Truly brilliant, in all senses. My initial joy at receiving this gorgeous exhibit was dampened slightly when the water went cloudy. After a little searching, I was assured that it would clear in time. A week or so later, and, rightly enough, things began to look a lot brighter. I couldn’t wait for night to fall, so I could marvel at its beauty with the lights off. Watching water boil has never been so enjoyable!

    When limescale becomes obvious, simply pour in a pint of distilled vinegar (about 60p from Asda), top it up with water no further than the 1.2L mark, and boil. After a while it should go. If persistent, boil again. Discard the vinegar, then fill with water, bring to the boil and discard twice.

  4. Fiona

    This is my favourite kettle, the large base means that if you are only making 1 cup of coffee your water is boiled in less than a minute and frankly even if it’s full it doesn’t take that long. I find it much easier to clean than the brushed steel and chrome kettles i’ve had previously and whilst I can see the point made by other reviewers about the filter being flimsy/likely to break, I think if you have the awareness of this it won’t, it just means you have to open and close the lid a certain way.

  5. Annabel

    Really good kettle. I’ve had it for a few months now and its still working just as well. The lights on the kettle are really pretty and makes watching the kettle boil a pleasant experience, plus people tend to comment on it when they come over. Boils fairly quickly and has a good capacity (It can make about 5 cups of tea at once).

  6. Devon AL

    Looks different and very pretty when boiling. The filter seems a bit pointless. You also have to be careful you do not pour too fast as otherwise water is everywhere. Not too noisy. I bought a glass kettle to avoid the taste of plastic that you can sometimes get In plastic kettles.A good product for the price.

  7. Ross D

    It’s boils water!! Looks good and does its job well, not overly convinced on the filter as seems to be a gap between the actual kettle and filter when pouring so some of the water pours straight out and not through the filter. This however doesn’t affect me as I use water from my filter jug!

  8. Pip Piw

    Brilliant kettle. Spring Lid need getting used to.
    As I live in a very hard water area, yes I use water filters, you can see the scale appear and can wipe it away at the earliest sign ( unlike enclosed ones)
    A great plus is the easy grip extended handle. So it never feels unbalanced.

  9. Carl

    Great looking kettle boils a full kettle quite quickly. Great blue light effect. One small down side is that if you boil a full kettle it does bubble out of the spout a little bit, but that is my only concern so far. Will update when had the kettle longer.

  10. Julie

    Fab kettle, boils in super quick time!

  11. Glorianna

    Good value, and great entertainment in a darkened room! Pretty light. Hard water area, so needs cleaning a lot, but as you can see the limescale with this one, at least one tends to do it more often as we should!

  12. Jo Lucas

    2 day delivery, 5 – 7 days earlier than stated! Super quick! Funky looking kettle, great price and as expected, it boils water.

  13. Brian Porter

    Excellent replacement for a well known brand (of which there have been lots of complaints). The only minor issue is that the capacity markings would be better if on both sides.

  14. Lillian

    Fab kettle for the price. Looks amazing in the dark. Only hitch is that it tends to boil a little too long and you have to switch it off yourself. Still love it though!

  15. KatieC417

    Beautiful, very modern looking kettle. It is also very powerful + pours neatly, therefore no spillage. It does its job perfectly. I would definitely recommend.

  16. Klokkie

    Yeah it’s great. Boils same as other kettles but looks pretty in the kitchen with the blue light. Would buy this again definitely. Arrived within 3 weeks.

  17. Ursula

    Everyone who sees this kettle comments how good it looks and that you can see the water boil and it lights up in blue. Good kettle and does the job.

  18. Keeno

    Just Great,the only one thig to say is that the lid is quite tough to open, some-one with a weak grip would find it hard to keep open to fill.

  19. Mrs A Kubaty

    Very good product. It’snot too big and looks very nice. Have used it for few months now and no problems so far – works as designed.

  20. Mark Troughton

    So far so good. Looks good and works really well, boiling water quickly.

    More than expected for the price!

  21. William Campbell

    Excellent kettle. The lighting feature is an added bonus. Very fast-boiling even at full capacity.

  22. Jayne Collins

    Love this kettle. It looks great and I find it boils water quickly. I would recommend it.

  23. J. W. Frost

    Like this a lot but just need to descale/clean quite often to keep it looking good.

  24. Amazon Customer

    Does what it says on the box!
    Good value, good looking & functional appliance!

  25. Butterfly Lady

    Lovely kettle, so quiet when boiling,easy to fill. Lovely blue glow when turned on.

  26. R P Scott

    Nice item, boils water without having to cut wood and light the fire.

  27. Daz Bell

    Very pleased with this product, came 2 days early, very happy.

  28. Mohsin

    Excellent Kettle working superb packaging and delivery prompt.

  29. Kindle Customer

    Looks great, boils fast. Got one for a friend as well.

  30. Sarah Thexton

    Attractive kettle that books quickly.

  31. Brian Henry

    Great for the price. Pretty.

  32. Pat

    I think it’s great.

  33. Evenstar

    Excellent kettle !

  34. Karen Jefferson

    Very pleased.

  35. Roy Harris

    This is good.

  36. Sherrif

    Great Value.

  37. M Smith

    The pretty lights……… It seems a little more flimsy than our previous similar kettle, like most stuff these days, but it does look nice when it boils and we all know that that is very important right ? It works so far but have only had it a couple of weeks..

  38. Nigel

    Very good.

  39. Trevor Frampton

    Very good.

  40. Sara Smiles Alot

    Love it.

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